About us

Welcome to Starcrawlers, your pharmaceutical universe where well-being and enjoyment are at the forefront, all rooted in the power of feel-good plants. We offer a vast selection of organically grown botanicals ranging from Kava Kava and Valerian root to Kratom, CBD, THC, and Psilocybin, all cultivated to enhance your experience safely and naturally. Join us to explore and harness the earth’s gifts, tailored for your health and happiness, responsibly and sustainably.


StarCrawlers Inc.: Because the stars are just the beginning.

Have you ever dreamed of walking on the moon? Ever longed for a sensation that’s truly out of this world? Wondered what the Milky Way might taste like? Look no further.

At StarCrawlers Inc., we transcend the ordinary with our line of premium, plant-based products designed to elevate your senses. Experience a cosmic escape in every bite and savor the universe like never before. Join us on a stellar journey to bliss—where innovation meets indulgence, and every moment is an adventure.